Welcome to Dimensions

by Infinite Labs

A new kind of game powered by the Radix Ledger

Utilize your Radix assets
with the power of Dimensions

Thanks to the utility of the Radix ledger and the technology it provides, we can provide a virtual experience that enables the assets you own to truly come to life.

Experience innovative gameplay
within the Dimensions ecosystem

Give your tokens their own unique experiences by integrating them into the Dimensions ecosystem and ensure you interact with a safe environment using the Radix ledger.

Access the web console that connects to the Dimensions platform

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    2023 Milestones:

      July 21st, 2023:

      - Launched Dimensions online web console

      - Minted Companion avatars on Radix Olympia Net

      - Connected Dimensions platform in Unreal Engine to Radix Olympia Net

      November 6th, 2023:

      - Officially minted Dimensions Classic Collection on Radix Babylon Net

      - Updated Dimensions platform in Unreal Engine to connect to Radix Babylon net

      December 14th, 2023:

      - Alpha application deadline

      December 16th, 2023:

      - Alpha playtest

    2024 Milestones:

      January - February, 2024:

      - Matchmaking online

      Q2 2024 and Beyond:

      - PvP battles

      - End of Beta signup

      - Beta battle system

      - Adventure mode

Experience unique gameplay inspired by the whimsical nature of fantasy with a twist on the shooter genre

Utilize your Radix assets in a virtual environment using our technology to bring the assets you own to life

Discover our partnerships and enhance your Dimensions experience with your very own Companion avatars